1st Rule to Financial Success…

1. Understand that the American Dream is DEAD!

As much as we are in the age of social media, no one really wants to discuss the fact that the American Dream is dead! It does not suit our generation anymore. The wealth gap between the middle class and the 1% is ever growing. It is hard to catch up…Unless you know the secrets of the wealthy. Meaning, you understand how they control and maneuver their finances in this crazy economic weather.

Luckily, I am here to guide you and show you just how these Fat Cats move! And the one thing they understood is that the good ole American Dream is a myth. A memory of the past. The dream where you parents convince you that all you need to do is do good in school, go to college, get married, and find a good job with benefits, and blah blah blah. But have you ever thought to look around and see the that the same people selling you this dream are the same people who are apart of the alarming statistic that 8 out of 10 Americans are in debt. Yup, you read that correctly. And especially being Trans in America, you are probably looking at 9 out of 10 for us.

All the celebrities, entrepreneurs, millionaires, & of course Billionaires that you idolize all understand that there is a new American Dream and it doesn’t involve the Rat Race; aka not mindlessly slaving away your Life for 30 years hoping to have pension when you finish which may not even support you. Meaning that you would actually have to cut a lot of things out and live on a budget. But wait, didn’t you work your whole Life, just to relax & spurge? Where the hell is the fun in that? Exactly, it is time to Wake Up people!

Well these idols all understand that they key to financial success is adopting the NEW American Dream of having multiple sources of income, cashflows, assets, and etc. It is said that the average millionaire has around 7 sources of income. But the majority of people are only taught to have one. So do you see the discrepancy? Well you’re in Luck, if you stick with me I will teach you in the ins and out of the Financial world. Basically, teach you how to put your money to work and where you can sit back and relax and know that everything will be alright. Sounds good right. Well lets get to work.

Remember the old methods no longer work for our generation. The American Dream is Dead and it is time to adopt new ideals!

First task: Start researching what the Rat Race is and do you want to be apart of it?

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